Engagement Ring Mountings

While you were anxious about the perfect ring, we created a platform for you to get a broad spectrum of ring ideas. This provide you with the opportunity to select your choice of stone by choosing a mounting engagement ring.

What exactly is ring mounting?

Mounting is the technical term used for ring setting. A body made up of particular metals and it gives the ring it’s shape. At Town Square Jewelers, we understand the importance of choosing the finest stones that are placed in the rings. Accordingly, we offer you an option to set place the hero (center diamond) of your ring by suggesting semi mounts.

Why Get Engagement Ring Mountings From Town Square Jewelers?

We offer a wide range of varieties to suit your proposal effectively. Engagement ring mountings include both semi mounts and finished ones. These varied types of mountings promote the potential of highlighting the most magnificent aspects of a diamond.

If you already have a stone, then buying a semi-mount ring allows you to utilize a beautiful piece on it. While doing so, you need to consider the metal, attachment point, and the light reflection, before picking the best one.

Explore Extensive Collection

Town Square Jewelers has an extensive showcase to accommodate any mounting you like.. Our extensive stock includes Halo-style, Bezel set, wedding bands, solitaire, two-stone, three-stone. From simple and classic to designer, you will find all types of diamond rings. When you select the one that fascinates you the most, you get choice to select the quality, state (finished or semi-mount) and size of your ring. If you want to add your stone to the ring, Let us know when you are ordering it and we’ll deliver the finished product to you.

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