The enchanting legacy of diamond engagement rings

Diamonds are the expression of true love and everlasting promises. Proposing a lady with a diamond ring is the age-old tradition now. Diamond rings have become an unsaid rule for most engagement customs. Almost every lady wishes her beloved to ask her the big question along with a diamond engagement ring. But have you ever wondered why do we associate the diamond ring with engagement?

Well, there is an interesting history behind it.

Initially, the tradition of proposing a girl with a ring was originated from the ancient Egyptians era, they believe circle as the symbol of eternity and considered ring as the best to promise someone a life-long bond of love. They used to exchange rings during their wedding and exchange vows to be loyal and faithful to each other until death apart them.

Following the same culture, rings became an essential symbol of love and wedding ceremony.

In 1477, the first ever diamond ring was used by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to propose Mary of Burgundy. Later, diamond became one of the finest jewels to add to the rings but didn’t get the popularity as it owns today. With the discovery of diamonds in South Africa, everything changed forever. Cecil Rhodes founded the DeBeers Mining Company in 1880.

After many years of struggles to make diamonds the first preference, the company used an influential ad campaign that made diamond rings an integral part of the engagement tradition all over the world. The campaign was extraordinary and made people invest their two-month salary on stones. Their powerful slogan “A diamond is forever” changed the jewelry world and diamond engagement rings became an essential jewel in every jewelry store. The ads targeted the emotions and desires behind a proposal and wrapped it in the form of beautiful jewelry. It touched many people’s heart across the world. Since then, the shine of the diamonds, be it engraved in a metal or just loose diamonds never faded. They are still a rocking jewel and a heart-robe for many women around the world.

Evolution with time

With the western influence on the culture, people living in different regions too started adopting engagement ring tradition for their big days. Today diamonds have become ubiquitous. Almost 75% brides own a diamond ring as their engagement memory. Diamonds are one of the best jewel trends that have ever created. A diamond is a robust, beautiful and marvellous piece of carving which represents the clarity and purity between two people. Therefore, diamond rings hold a special spot in every jewelry store you might have ever visited. They are rare, natural and born under high pressure. A diamond reminds its owner that in order to raise your worth and shine, you have to undergo extreme pressure and carving.

If you ever ask a lady wearing a diamond to describe her feeling about her jewelry, she will always talk about the power it ignites within her and how it brightens up her soul with purity and pride.

Unfortunately, today young people aren’t a big fan of diamonds. Studies say that millenniums don’t find diamonds attractive as it is expensive and reminds them of the old era where jewels were the real wealth. Like the above campaign said, “A diamond is forever”, and nothing diminishes its shine. Irrespective of its colour, cut and costly price, diamond engagement rings are still widely shopped jewelry in the world. People, who know its significance, value the emotional message that a piece of diamond conveys to the partner. Indeed, a diamond ring speaks more than words

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